Fire maples

November 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Photographing individual maple leaves up close is my preferred style. I like to show each leaf at life size or larger, and to do so I spend a lot of time searching for particular leaves and revisiting them over a few weeks to view them in different light. 

But for this shot I took few steps back, hoping to catch some of the magical warmth that maple trees bring to the dark short days of Autumn. I've called it Fire Maples.
There are seeds hanging from a few of the branches if you look carefully.
Fire MaplesFire Maples
This year I have been really lucky with the weather and light, and am content with my images already even though the peak of the season is yet to come.
I intend to process some of them over the next few weeks and will put them up as I do. Hope I don't maple you to death!

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Thanks and Enjoy!

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