Elbow to the Head

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At 2:30am my wife rolled over in bed and accidentally elbowed me in the back of the head.
I don't usually have a problem falling straight back to sleep after such incidents but this morning turned out to be different. I blame it on the summer humidity, but in truth it was probably knowing that sunrise was just a few hours away that really kept me awake. Sunrise is around 4:30 here in Japan at this time of year so I don't do many sunrise sessions, and we had experienced a few days of stunning skies so that only added to my imagination as I now lay wide awake in bed.

So a few minutes later in was in the car, and with the pre dawn streets empty, I shaved 10 minutes off the usual drive and arrived at Tokyo Bay an hour before sunrise, which turned out to be absolutely incredible and the rest is history as they say. I'm pretty happy with this photo. It is a place that I photographed a lot when I was first learning about long exposures, and I have been wanting to capture it with a decent sunrise for along time. 

Oil refinery in Tokyo bay. These huge chimneys stacks are part of the enormous Cosmos oil refinery in Ichihara, well known because of a major fire that started as a result of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The fire caused several massive explosions which were some of the first images broadcast around the world immediately after the quake. The fire burned for 10 days and caused panic in Tokyo because of false rumors started on the internet about carbon filled rain. Before that it was relatively unknown, and is just one of the many huge industrial plants that sit along the shores of Tokyo Bay.

The foreground is the Yoro river and the original file actually has pretty good water movement, but for this one I gave it some extra motion blur to add to the futuristic atmosphere of the scene. Other than that and some major lense correction to straighten the chimneys, the processing was minimal. One of the easiest edits I have had recently.

Any yes, my wife swears the elbow to the head was an accident!
She says that every time.


Industrial Sunrise_3458 Done MotionBlur hankoIndustrial Sunrise_3458 Done MotionBlur hanko



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