White swan on a coloured lake

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This photo from Aomori will probably be my favourite photo of 2016.

I'm guessing this will be my favourite photo for the year. It was certainly one of my all time photography moments. Taken last month up in Aomori, northern Japan.

I had spent an afternoon following a short nature trail around a group of small mountain lakes. The lakes, called Tsuta Hot Springs are touristy and well photographed, and although I enjoyed the walk, I hadn't really seen anything worth getting my camera out for. But as the trail went on, the tourist numbers dropped and by the time I got to the last lake there were only myself and one other person and I was actually quite surprised at how beautiful the lake was.

The trees on the other side of the lake were pretty and the water was still, so I decided to put the 100mm lense on and try a panorama. Just as I start shooting the shots, a single white swan flies into the lake and stops right where I have been shooting the panorama. The swan was a Northern Tundra Swan, probably just arrived from Russia and got separated from its flock. I only had to wait a few minutes for the swan to stretch its wings out. And the rest is history. 
Aormori is a photographers paradise by the way. Stunning Autumn colours, clear blue lakes and good roads everywhere.


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