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Triple Rainbow 3重の虹

October 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment




Two years ago, I was staying at lake Pukaki, back home in New Zealand with my family. One evening after a downpour spectacular rainbow appeared.
I had seen double rainbows before, but never a triple. When I came back to Japan I looked it up and found out that triple rainbows are a rare phenomenon which sometimes occur above reflective surfaces like lakes or calm seas. 
There was actually a fourth rainbow above this which I got in other shots, but I wasn’t able to capture that in this panorama sequence. But what really makes this one more special for me is that I took it while with my family.

Rainbow Pano2017 Dfraw  _5978 Hanko smallRainbow Pano2017 Dfraw _5978 Hanko small



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