Hibernating Bats 冬眠中のコウモリ

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Here's something different, I hope you find at as interesting as I did. These are hibernating bats, with tiny cute little feet.
I found them in a drain pipe under a road. They were all snuggled close together for warmth and I nearly bumped into them in the pitch dark. I watched them and photographed them for about an hour, and amazingly they didn't even notice me. Every couple of minutes or so one of them would get a bit uncomfortable and squirm, setting of a tiny little mexican wave among the other bats, and then they would settle back down. 
I went back a week later to see if they were still there and they are, so I'm guessing they will stay there till spring. They are Eastern Bent-winged Bats
(yubinaga-koumori), a species that lives in mountains and forested areas. They are a bit bigger than the common bats that I usually see around here.



Sleeping Bats smallSleeping Bats small

Ten Bat feet Dfraw _0881 HankoTen Bat feet Dfraw _0881 Hanko

Winter Bats smallWinter Bats small



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