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I was on NHK radio this week!
A few weeks ago, I joined Tanaka-san, an NHK announcer, for a day of cycling around the Japanese countryside. For the last year, Tanaka san has been cycling all around Chiba to promote a radio program. So I invited him to come to my town, Ichihara, for the day. We started at lake Takataki, and rode all over the countryside, taking in the rice paddy scenery and talking to local people who we bumped into on the day.

Panorama 4335 DonePanorama 4335 Done Japanese countryside (spring last year)

It was chilly when we started, but with not a cloud in the sky it was perfect weather for cycling. We have similar interests; photography, nature and outdoors, so we both had a lot of fun chatting and enjoying the ride. Tanaka san has worked all over Japan with NHK, both in TV and Radio. But he was actually born in Chiba so was able to teach me a lot about Chiba that I didn't know.


The radio program he is promoting is called "Hirudoki Chiba".
Here is the NHK homepage, with a map of all the places Tanaka san has cycled.
And this is the radio show recording with me on it, all in Japanese of course!

NHK Radio ひるどき

Thank you for the wonderful day Tanaka san!! And good luck with the rest of your trip.





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