Giant Scrolls 特大フォト軸

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For this exhibition I tried some new ideas, including these two giant photo scrolls which I have been getting lots of positive feedback about. They are three and a half metres long and like the rest of my works, are printed on Japanese Washi paper. It was a real mission getting these made. Most washi paper is only a meter square, and most printing companies don’t want to put washi paper in their expensive printers, let alone 3 and a half metres of the stuff. The washi crasftmen and my printer in Tottori have are an ambitious bunch of people though and they made my vision into reality. A few weeks before the exhibition opening, I really thought it was all going to be a disaster. The finished scrolls were too big to spread out on my normal working space (living room floor), I had to move furniture out of our bedroom to attach the bamboo poles to them!
But now that they are hanging up in the gallery, I am really glad I decided to make them. They are huge and the fine detail on them is incredible. Standing in front of the waterfall scroll you forget that you are looking at a photograph. The rushing white water at the bottom blends into the grain of the washi paper, which is more like wool than paper. 
Mizumoto san, the other photographer I am doing the exhibition with, has also created 2 big works. His are 2 metres square and they look amazing. Here are some photos of the two of us in front of our works, and some photos of me getting them ready for the exhibition.

Aoya-Smartphone-02Aoya-Smartphone-02 Aoya-Exhibition-03Aoya-Exhibition-03

観覧時間 9:00~17:00
会場 企画展示室
料金 一般 300円/小・中・高校生 150円 ※20名以上は20%割引




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