A Date with Mt Fuji

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I visited a friend in Yamanashi at the weekend, which is on the other side of Mt Fuji as we see it from here in Chiba. Seeing Mt Fuji from the back got me interested in her again, so on Tuesday night after work I drove home along the coast and stopped off at a few of my favourite Fuji viewing spots to take some night shots.


Mt Fuji under Aqua Line BridgeMt Fuji under Aqua Line Bridge

A car drives under the Aqua Line bridge with Mt Fuji in the background.

These photos are all taken from the Western coast of Chiba, looking across Tokyo Bay towards Mt Fuji in the West. They are all long exposures, which bring out the orange sky, even long after the sun has set.


November FujiNovember Fuji

Looking at Mt Fuji across the reed beds at the Banzu Tidal Flats, with Tokyo Bay in behind.


The Aqua Line bridge links Chiba to Yokohama, across Tokyo Bay.


Fuji PhotographerFuji Photographer

A Selfie. Just me, my cameras and Mt Fuji.


This is my favourite of the bunch. I've taken a similar photo a few years ago, but I've been wanting to recreate it for a while now. This is a 6 shot wide panorama of Mt Fuji, Yokohama and the Tanzawa mountain range (taken at 300mm). The tall building is Yokohama landmark Tower. The Tanzawa mountains are about 1500m high, Mt Fuji is about 3700m. Mt Fuji is about 100km from here, the Tanzawa mountains are somewhere in the middle.

Fuji Yokohama PanoramaFuji Yokohama Panorama


Here is the same view, but taken with a smaller lense, in a single exposure. At this size they look similar, but when printed the photo above would have a lot more detail.


Fuji and YokohamaflickrhankoFuji and Yokohamaflickrhanko


After spending some time with Mt Fuji again, I think I well and truly have my fixation back.

For a while there I thought I was losing interest in her.




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Thanks and Enjoy!



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