This rare event won't occur again until 2026 !

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"Rare" events in nature, like Super Moons and planetary alignments seem to be common these days. The mainstream media frenzies at the chance to get some extra clicks on their pages with headlines like "once in a decade ..." and "Will not occur again until ..."

This week we had one of those super rare events, a rare occurrence called "Silver Week", that won't come around again until 2026!!!!!   LOL
Silver week is the name given to the phenomenon when certain September national holidays align perfectly to create a 5 day holiday weekend. The last time these 5 holidays aligned was in 2009.
It is called Silver week because one of the days is Respect for the Elderly Day, and in Japan elderly people are said to have silver hair. There is a holiday week in spring called Golden Week, so the name silver week also works well with that. 

Unlike Blood moons and apocalypses, Silver Week lived up to the hype.
We had five days of amazing weather and by the end of it I think the whole country was smiling.
My body returned to work on Thursday and Friday, but my mind was still on holiday.
As I slaved away at the office, daydreams of lazily mowing lawns and early morning surfing pulled me back into Silver Week. 

So last night after work, I dived straight back into the memories and processed a few photos from an early morning sunrise photography session I did during Silver Week of some Spider lilies.


SpiderLily Sunrise_9085 doneSpiderLily Sunrise_9085 done

Ohigan _stitch Done HankoOhigan _stitch Done Hanko


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