Greater Painted-Snipe

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Greater Painted-Snipe.


Female Greater Painted-SnipeFemale Greater Painted-Snipe



This evening I had the pleasure of watching a pair of painted snipe up close. I have never seen them out in the open before, they are renowned for the ability to disappear behind things and are almost impossible to get a clear shot of. The only other photos I have ever been able to get are of them hidden behind rice stalks, or blurs of brown and white as they run between rows of rice..

This is the female, in full breeding colours. Painted snipe are unique birds because they show reversed sexually dimorphism. The female has the breeding colours, does the displaying and has more than one husband. The males have drab unstriking plumage, and are the ones that incubate the eggs and raise the young.
Amazing birds, their bills are soft and floppy, and when they sense danger they slouch right down into the water and stay perfectly still so as not to be seen. An absolute pleasure to get so close to them out in the open!




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