Sunset of the Year

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We had an incredible sunset here on Friday night, thanks to typhoon Phanfone which is heading towards us now.
A thick cloud bank rolled in from SE just before sunset and after the sun dipped over the horizon the whole cloud face lit up in bright red covering one whole side of the sky, while the rest was dark blue. 

Typhoon Phanfone PanoramaTyphoon Phanfone Panorama

That evening the twittersphere was flooded with photos of the light show, but I think my photos are a bit different so I will share them anyway.
It was very intense sunset for Japan, reminded me of summer sunsets in Christchurch.


Typhoon PhanfoneTyphoon Phanfone


The show only lasted for about 10 minutes and I just had time to take a standard landscape, plus a few Panoramas.
As the sky darkened, the clouds got redder but became less intense.
Satisfied with the photos I had, I started packing up my gear when I noticed that one part of the cloud had started looking like a face. 


Face of PhanfoneFace of Phanfone


While on the topic of sunsets, I was out scouting locations for spring photos last weekend and found this huge valley. Looking forward to seeing it next year when the rice paddies are flooded.


Sosa VertoramaSosa Vertorama


Thanks and Enjoy!

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