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A couple of sunset images to share today, one old and one new.


The new photo is a panorama taken in June, but I was too busy at the time to join it together. 
The clouds had been fast moving that whole day and we had a few thunderstorms in the afternoon, including one that arrived just as I was leaving work, forcing me and a colleague to shelter under a bicycle park roof to avoid getting drenched by a sudden downpour.

Come evening, most of the clouds had gone and the sky was unusually blue for rainy season. Cloudless skies usually mean boring sunsets, so I wasn't expecting much but as the sun dropped low in the sky I noticed that there were some clouds on the western sky and decided to take my camera and walk the long way to the supermarket. 

That turned out to be the right choice. As I was walking past some wheat fields, the sky put on an interesting display of sun rays and shadows when the sun dipped behind the distant thunder clouds.
It's not the best image, I much prefer sunset photos before the sun disappears and the foreground is still lit up, but I do think it is an interesting light display worth sharing.


Amazing SunsetAmazing Sunset


The old photo I want to share today was taken in winter last year, at low tide down at Tokyo Bay. 

On this evening, the foreground was perfect. The golden evening light was bouncing off the ripples in the sand from a low angle, giving them a warm orange glow. But unlike the photo above, the sky was cloudless and there was nothing to break the glaring light from the setting sun.

Sunsets like this seem to last for hours. You watch the sun as it drops down towards the horizon, hoping there are some low lying clouds behind the glare that you cannot yet see. Or that the sun will turn into a perfect orange sphere before it finishes for the day.


Sand patterns in Tokyo BaySand patterns in Tokyo Bay



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