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I found a new waterfall this week. I had heard a rumour about it from a man who visited it many years ago, but I had never been able to confirm its existence. I found it, and it turned out to be a beautiful waterfall, and one of the biggest I've seen in Chiba.

There hasn't been much rain recently though, so the river levels were pretty low. I will have to go and see it again one day when there is more water and take some photographs.


Meanwhile, here are some other of Chiba's other secret waterfalls, starting with a unique waterfall which is small, but stunning. This waterfall is about 3 metres high and falls into a natural amphitheatre. The only way to see it is to wade 1km up a river, and then enter the small room like cavern which has smooth walls covered in moss and ferns. The falls, which are often dry, trickle down a wall and into a pool which is eerily green. I have never been able to see it with a decent waterflow, because it is too difficult to cross the river to get there. I get the impression from the lack of trees and shrubs inside the cavern that after a typhoon the whole cavern becomes a river. Something I would love to see, but remains impossible until I find an overland track down to it.


Cavern FallsCavern Falls


These next falls are not so secret. They are just not advertised or signposted anywhere, so most people don't know about them. 

They are very picturesque, and look amazing in autumn when the leaves start to change colour.


A Nameless WaterfallA Nameless Waterfall


These last falls were one of the first "secret waterfalls" I found in Chiba, and are still my favourite. When I first visited them, there was actually a ladder leading down to them from a nearby rice field. But the ladder has now rotted away, and the terraced rice fields long since abandoned and have been taken over by weeds and trees. So now the only way to get to them is to walk upstream for half an hour from a nearby bridge.

These falls have a great swimming hole at the base. The photo is deceptive, but the main waterfall is 3-4 metres high.I wrote another blog post with a better photo of the falls here.




There is something mystical about waterfalls, especially ones that people don't visit.

I leave you today with a different photo of the Okinawan jungle waterfall I introduced a last week on my blog.


Swimming HoleSwimming Hole




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