September in the Satoyama

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The local rice farmers have been busy harvesting the last few weeks, and have a few more to go. It's a beautiful time of year with lots of action happening in the fields and valleys. 
Here are a few photos from 2012 harvest season.



Rice Drying in Evening SunRice Drying in Evening Sun

Strange weather around here this year, it is unusually cool for early September. 

I haven't had much time for photography recently, but this morning when I was walking around, the sunrise reminded me of this sunset a few years ago.


Portfolio (21)Portfolio (21)

I have shared this photo a few times before, and it seems to be popular. It is one of my all time favourites, and I was actually hoping it would be featured in the City Life article on Saturday. 
It contains everything I strive for in a photo. Interesting light, clouds, colours, no people, nature and Satoyama (land shaped over centuries through sustainable agriculture). The smoke along the horizon is from autumn burnoff in the fields.

It probably wouldn't have come out well in the newspaper though, as the colours are very subtle. It's even hard to show the detail here on my blog. It's a huge photo, made up of a panorama of 4 photos joined together vertically. This is the biggest I can display on my website:


Portfolio (21)Portfolio (21)

I took the photo in 2012, the plants in the foreground are called susuki (silver grass/fire grass). That year I spent a lot of time taking susuki grass photos. Susuki to me is the symbol of autumn in Chiba, where the autumn is long and warm. Maples and other coloured leaves make us think of fall, but here in Chiba they don't start changing colour until late November, when the rest of the country is well and truly into winter.


Last year I was too busy to take susuki photos. This year I'm hoping to give it another crack! 


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