Tanbo Lines

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Tanbo, or rice paddies feature in many of my images.
It may be surprising, but one of the first reasons I got interested in tanbo was the simplicity of the rows of rice, and how strong the colour contrasts were in Summer. 

Tambo PathTambo Path


They make interesting subjects for abstract images, and when I first came to Chiba I spent many hours exploring the valleys looking for interesting colours.


Tambo Lines IITambo Lines II


At the start of the season, the rice rows are green, like in the photo above.
But as the rice plants grow and the seeds develop, they become light green,
and then eventually turn yellow.

In the few weeks before harvest, anxious farmers can be seen frequently checking their rice plants, and it is in fact this colour that they are checking.
When the rice seeds turn golden brown, it's time to harvest.  


Between Two PaddiesBetween Two Paddies


Throughout the season farmers regularly trim the grass growing on the aze (畦), the thin walls that separate the rice paddies. This regular mowing keeps the grass low so that wind passes through the fields preventing disease, and it stops the grass from making its own seedheads, which would spread into the paddies and spoil the crop.

But most importantly, this regular trimming keeps the aze a lush dark green, making perfect tanbo lines for my hungry eyes!


Pattern huntingPattern hunting



Thanks and Enjoy!

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